Vigil of the Cursed

File 12: A Beautiful Mind

No one is that smart....

The PD office was once again visited by a member from New York. This time it was not Elsa however. The man called himself Director Xavier Stroud. When they asked about Elsa he said she was on assignment and would not comment any further. He then began to explain the next Lieutenant that they would be going after. He calls himself Mensa. His real name has been lost. He used to be a Hunter for the Aegis Kai Doru. He went insane and turned into a slasher and took some artifacts with him. He is working with Ryu now and killing supernaturals all over the West Coast area. Stroud has set up operations in Missoula, Montana where they would work with the FBI, while doing their own investigation in private.

The group arrived in Missoula and set up operations in the space provided. During the night they went to the house that Mensa was suspected to have murdered someone. There they began their investigation. Searching through the rooms they found that the one murdered there was actually a werewolf. Along with the one werewolf a whole pack was murdered and one body was planted at this house. They also found that the house had been reconstructed in some fashion but no idea why. They also found a safe that was actually a fetish. It worked a a normal safe except that only supernaturals can see what is inside it. Inside they found a business card. When they called that number they reached another werewolf who was willing to meet.

After they had finished they met with the werewolf. He turned out to be “Stands Tall” who was a worker in a werewolf network. He had information about the numerous sites that Mensa had visited. They had all been sites of spirit fault lines. Each one had not responded in several months. He was going to send out werewolves to check it out. He gave them the spot of another fault line that had been the pack that had just been murdered hunting ground. They went out there the next night to check it out. They found very little there but a group of humans had other ideas. Without warning they attacked them and a battle insued. The group brought one back and were able to get information out of him. They learned that Mensa was doing something with the spirit fault lines and they had been at the last one. At that moment Tala and Darren felt a huge disturbence in the spiritual world and energies. The man simply laughed at them as Catherine shot him dead.


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