Vigil of the Cursed

File 10: Sabrina the Teenage Bitch

Holy Flaming Zombies Batman

They began their chase of Sabrina and her mage friend. They were able to cancel all the flights they could possibly be on with the help of Elsa. There they gave them no ground to go to. They began to flee from them. They took a boat down the river. The group pursued them and found a small port warehouse on the way down. They were able to gain entrance and discovered it was owned by Ryu. They were storing weapons and other tools for him here. They engaged the workers there, who were all Ryu’s men. They were able to defeat them but not before the entire warehouse was engulfed in flames and the lose of Edward Firebrand to the flames.

They continued on down the river and came to the next place Sabrina could be or at least stopped. From a distance it looked like an old fort from the civil war or revolutionary war period. There were large spotlights scanning the area and forms could be seen. They were able to sneak in through the gutter system. Upon closer inspection they forms seemed to be covered in shadows. They burst up from the floor ready for a fight to find that the forms were nothing more than illusions meant to stall them for time. They quickly regrouped and continued on down the river to the next possible destination Sabrina could be.

They came to a church on the near the coast. They disembarked from their boat and approached the building. There was something unsettling about this area and they continued cautiously. As they came to the entrance of the church parts of the ground opened up and machine guns were leveled at them. In the blink of an eye a white flash happened and they heard the sounds of metal being cut through by metal. As the light went away there was a figure standing there. She held a glaive taller than herself and her eyes burned white. On her back sprung 6 large white wings. She looked at them and saw Malachi.

“Hello Son,” she said looking at him. Everything was in awe. She introduced herself as Amitiel and she was Malachi’s mother. She had been sent by order of heaven to intervene at this time and help them defeat this abomination. She said that there was a very large number of guards waiting for them just inside and that they should go through the back way while she kept the front area busy. They agreed and headed around back to sneak in. As they came through the basement area Joscelin began to get a very terrible headache. They came up to the sanctuary to find Sabrina there.

After her invitation to “play” with her they began to attack her. Very soon in forms emerged from between the pews. She was not alone. She had mainly zombies with her. Frank lit a fire to use his powers and the whole area burst into flames including the zombies which just seemed to make them more enraged. He was able to bring the fire under control but soon lost his powers due to Sabrina sapping his will. She created many illusions of herself and they were all shielded by magic. While Gregory would deteriorate the protection spells everyone would focus on her and try to deal as much damage as possible. When they had it down to one they were able to dispel both spells and eventually kill her.

Of course this was not in time for her to give Tate voices in his head telling him everyone had betrayed him. He went into death rage and the first person he saw was Malachi. He lunged through him and came out with a wing in each hand and blood everywhere. At that moment Amitiel came through the doors to see her son ripped apart. She was on Tate in an instant and had slashed him three times before anyone could blink. She seemed to calm down and put him in a cage of light and brought her emotions down. In this time Josceln had been unconscious and no one had noticed and unfortunately she bled to death. Amitiel simply said,

“Leave,” to which they agreed right away. They came out to find Elsa there finishing off the last of some reinforcements that were coming. They then heard her mage name of Antionella. She told them to go back to the Erie office and just stay there. During the time of waiting Ryu’s forces were heavily attacked including what TFV believes to be a celestial attack on some of his forces. There is word of another of Ryu’s lieutenants running around right now. The Wolf is all he is known by. Also a string of gruesome murders have been happening all around Erie and seeming to lead right to the city.


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