Vigil of the Cursed

File 14: Back to Basics

Angels in the House

After the disturbing news of learning Ryu’s plan and meeting him for the first time the group called in Stroud. They discussed with him what they had learned and found out. He was very distressed and you could see the wheels turning in his head. However his response was not what they had expected. He said that while this may indeed be the case he can’t go on the word of one branch about something that may or may not have been actually real. He needed them to take on something simple while he had others investigate this threat and the credibility of it. He had a call from a local person with a house that could be haunted. They were to check it out and establish the validity and if there was indeed a haunting to take care of the entity.

They agreed, with not much of a choice. Stroud also had added a member to their group. His name was Serel and he was a Nephalim. The angels had agreed that a half angel would check in on the group to discern whether a partnership could at this point could be considered. Stroud warned them that they needed this to work. After the last little stunt with Heaven they couldn’t afford to sever any connections, especially considering what they claimed Ryu was up to. They would need the forces of Heaven on their side in order to make a stand against Ryu and what seemed to be a never ending army.

They made their way to the house. There they discussed with the family currently living there. They gave reports of what sounded like a poltergeist. The group asked that they leave for the night while they checked it out. The family went to stay at a Motel and the group set up shop to check out the house. It didn’t take long to discover there was indeed something at work here. Just as they were about to get going the father of the family came back to the house. While he spoke they could definitely tell he was being possessed. They soon discovered it was not just a spirit but a demon that wsa possessing him. The Nephalim went into a frenzy and began to attack the possessd man. He brought fire down from the sky igniting the house on fire and the Demon simply stopped them all and offered a piece of advice. They should gather their forces quick and look for more allies. Ryu was moving and planning something big. He then left the man and reveled he was more than a demon. He was one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Sloth. He then left the house and the man was very confused. They were able to put the fire out and returned to Erie. Stroud would not even answer their calls.


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