Vigil of the Cursed

File 11: Devil May Care

Why would you do that?!

Some time after Sabrina was killed Elsa visited the Erie PD office. She gave words of congratulations for eliminating Sabrina as well as her zombie forces. The PD military force was able to clean up the rest of her forces. However she did mention that Sabrina was the lowest and least powerful of Ryu’s Lieutenants. Elsa did give the group a stern rebuke for the handling of Amitiel as well as the unfortunate deaths of the TFV Hunter and half angel, son of Amitiel. The emissary that PD was working through with Heaven has left and no more communication has happened. Elsa has another mission for the group. The Vampires have reestablished communication and have a case file for PD.

They went to the designated building and were lead in by vampires to meet the vampire Prince of the city. Once they were downstairs there they saw the Prince, Archduke George Beckett, who is also the mayor of Erie. Next to him stood a man dressed in Catholic bishop clothing. They learned that his name is Bishop Isaiah Hash, and the leader of the Lancea Sanctum in Erie. The Archduke informed them that there is a group of vampires working in Erie leaving quite a trail of bodies. Many vampires have died investigating and members of the Lancea Sanctum have been literally burned from the inside out. He offers them quite a reward in return for investigating this murders.

The group made their way to the warehouse that had the last known presence of the vampires. After investigating the surrounding they found the best way in and moved past the guards during a shift. They walked in to find 5 ghouls armed with guns. After dispatching them they moved down the hall a bit. They came to what was the largest part of the warehouse and there found one vampire and three ghouls. Through fire and massive gunfire and weapons they brought them down. At that point the rest of the vampires and ghouls in the warehouse burst in. Through some amazing charisma Darren was able to convince them to stand down and drop their weapons. At that point Bishop Hash called in his forces and they began to interrogate one of the vampires.

After some intense interrogation he began to spill the beans. He admitted that they were summoning demons into captured humans. After they had done that they were caged in a devil’s trap. They would then drain him of blood and store it. With the possession the blood was different. It turned into demon blood. At that point Bishop Hash ordered Tim to immolate him, which Tim did gladly. They killed the rest and brought the information back to Archduke George Beckett. He rewarded them appropriately and asked that Bishop Hash and another Inquisitor accompany them as they learn more about Ryu.


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