Vigil of the Cursed

File 1: The Haunted Mansion Pt. 2

The case continues at the mansion. Just when you thought everything was wrapped up the camera showed yet another disturbance in the cellar. The last image was that of a man with the a face of pure rage. Over the course of four days you began your through investigation of the cellar and what was going on in there. At the beginning of the weekend Jackson Daniels went home for the weekend. The rest of the crew began looking into the cellar and what could possible be going on there.

You started by physically searching the cellar area. You found that no electronic device would work there at all. Also trying to light the candles there they would not light. Tate Reed brought the camera as well as the candles to the main base area within the mansion. Once they were clear of the cellar they worked just fine. Eventually it was decided to put the camera at the entrance to the cellar hoping to catch any movement there. During this time Tala Bloodgood began to take down the wood panels in the cellar to see if there was anything behind them. The only thing you discovered was that the smell of blood was stronger and their was a symbol on the back of the planks. It was the Blair Witch symbol. Also you felt what could only be explained as something passing through you.

After this you began to look into any history that you may have missed the first time around. You found that there were three strange deaths that could be attributed to what is going on in the cellar. The first was that of the general. The general that bought the mansion after the Civil War died in the house of Tuberculous. He always complained of the younger generals and that he still had fight in him. Along with that there was the original owner and builder of the mansion. The farmer died in the mansion of Gangrene after being burned very badly in an accident. The final person you learned about was one of the caretakers. He had been shot on the property and bleed to death while trying to be treated in the mansion.

Getting back to the cellar Daniels came back from the weekend. You decided that somehow you needed to get whatever it was to come out and face you. That way you could work on someway to destroy or rid it from the mansion. Reed decided to start to make the Blair Witch symbol again and as that happened the Vengeful Spirit appeared and attacked you. Little John Barret fired his gun and this time it worked. The bullet that was in the chamber had been blessed with the water from the fountain. Malachi Schwartz continued to use his blessed sword to great effect. Father Jacob Barret tried to exorcise the Spirit but drew a lot of attention. In a last ditch effort the Spirit unleashed a firestorm and everyone took heavy burns. Father Barret fell unconscious bleeding out very badly. Gregory Tam was able to stabilize him for the paramedics to arrive. He is in intensive care right now.

Checking the video feeds the next day they saw activity in the master bedroom. A sudden image of a man in a uniform very similar to the one that was burned in the Holy Water. And as suddenly as it appeared it was gone. Things never seemed to end in this place.


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