Vigil of the Cursed

File 1: The Haunted Mansion Pt. 1
Yes Sir!

You all arrived at Erie, PA. There Elsa Matthews met you and showed you around the office you all would be working at. There was a reception area as well as an office for each one of you. There you also noticed the last two offices that belonged to the final two members of your team. The first was Jericho Helsing who you have yet to meet, and the belonged to the giant of a man you would meet later. She gave you some facts and objectives about your assignment and went on her way.

The next day you meet with Mark Tieg, the now owner of the mansion, about what had happened and anything he knew. There was little information he could give you that you didn’t already know. After that you set about exploring the house. Jackson Daniels set up his cameras and other equipment in the major rooms of the house as well as the main entry way. Searching through the house reveled very little on the first day. Tala Bloodgood had this six sense that there was a lot of activity here behind the scenes. The one very strange thing about the mansion was the master bedroom. When in there it seemed as though you left the house. It was very still, no noises, and almost an erie feeling of being completely alone.

The next day brought very little activity to the house. You did meet the seventh member of your team though, Malachi Schwartz. The house brought little progress However Tate Reed was able to find a root cellar outside the house. He and Tala smelled blood in there while no one else did. It was a strange place but there was no concrete evidence that something was up. Jackson moved some of his equipment to the cellar to cover that area as well. The day progressed very slowly and not much progress was made.

That morning after reviewing the tapes from the night before showed some activity. Some objects were slightly moved and there was weird whispering noises in the background. There was still no definite proof that anything out of the ordinary was happening. It seemed as though this case might be a bust or that whatever was here was not going to show itself.

The next day brought much more excitement. In the dinning room on the far wall there was writing. On it over and over in many different hand writing styles was written “Yes Sir!”. It was very strange. Also that day Father Jacob Barret tried some exorcisms on the master bedroom. While nothing happened in the room itself around the house there was slight activity. Including in the cellar where candles spontaneously lit and extinguished. Tala then sensed a presence around Jacob and Jackson saw that on the infrared he was colder than everyone else. Malachi was able to find access to the attic where there were piles of stuff. After some detective work they were able to figure out the pattern. It was a Blair-Witch symbol, the same symbol for Patriarch Discoveries. All of a sudden Jacob suddenly pushed over part of the symbol. He didn’t remember doing it claiming he blacked out. Downstairs every object able to move was turned 90 degrees.

In the attic they found an old Civil War uniform as well as an old straw hat. they brought them downstairs and Jacob prepared the fountain by blessing it. They through in the uniform and it began to boil. Also they threw in the hat and it burned up in an instant. Then in the house six ghosts, civil war officers, attacked the party. Tate and Little John Barret tried to use their guns, with no success. Gregory Tam began talking to one of the ghosts and it seemed to be working. Malachi used his newly blessed sword with much progress and Jacob was able to exorcise one of the ghosts. As things seemed to be calming down they took a look at the cameras. In the cellar, during the fight, the candles and lit again and grown large flames. The video then shut off but as it did they could see a face as red as blood with a look of pure hatred on it staring at the camera.

Penn State University
I am an Honest Puck

Everyone started at the lecture on the history of anatomy at the main stage in Pennsylvania State University. The lecture was about the colorful and intriguing past of the field of anatomy. However the real show was only just beginning. While the lecture was going on everyone in the room was experiencing strange occurrences. The lights seemed to dim more and more as the presenter talked on. The air had a slight nip as if the AC had been turned on while the heat remained off. Lastly people seemed to be hearing what sounded like a little girl giggling now and then. As the lecture came to a middle point everything changed. Suddenly things on stage started to move on their own, the lights were flashing on and off and different intervals, and people thought they saw a reflection of a girl on stage in a mirror. Needless to say everyone left there as fast as they could.

Outside the theater Father Isaac Moore along with Father Jacob Barret began to question everyone on what they had seen. It appeared that they were trying to get a clear picture of the events that had unfolded. They asked each one of you what you had seen and you answered with the best of your ability. Each person seemed to pick up something different that had happened without so much as an explanation from Moore. He also seemed to look at each one of them in a very strange and creepy way. It seemed as though he was looking inside of them almost. Then afterwards each one of you was called back to the theater. Moore and Barret were there and Moore had a job for you. He was offering you payment if you would help research what had happened here and put a stop to whatever it was.

It was settled. With the promise of payment you went off and began to look into the matter at hand. There had to be some sort of explanation to what had just happened. Some rational explanation. Magnets used under the stage, perhaps some strings to pull things along, and someone running the lights to get them to come on and off. The more you looked into it the more it didn’t make sense. Jackson Daniels was able to dig up some information on the theater. It seemed as though a little girl had died there while doing a production. Lacy Mattens was in A Midsummer’s Night Dream playing Puck and had died or committed suicide from hanging off the trap door. Little John Barret went to the theater after hours and stayed there all night. He was there when the trap door opened and closed on it’s own three times during the night. Tala Bloodgood walked Campus and eventually the theater feeling a presence of a young child in the theater and what seemed to be an attempted hijacking of her body.

The weekend provided more information as to what had happened. Lacy was playing Puck and just before her last line in the play they had found her hanged by her costume on the trap door. Most people thought it was suicide but her family did not agree. They thought there was foul play or possibly just an accident. After bring all this information together they all decided to stay the night and see what was going on in he theater at night. On their way there they were attacked by some muggers looking for an easy catch. After some fighting Father Barret was able to convince them to leave them alone because they really didn’t want to mess with them. Gregory Tam treated each person’s wounds and got them in pretty good shape. Each person took a watch. While Bloodgood was on watch suddenly something took over her vocal chords saying “I need to finish”. Everyone woke up at this moment. seconds later Father Barret suddenly went up on stage and began to dance around. Lastly a little girl manifested on stage appearing as Lacy. She said “I must finish”. Both Father’s attempted to start an exorcism and suddenly she compelled Moore to stop and drop his book. Then some quick thinking on Daniel’s part he helped her to finish the line from A Midsummer’s Night Dream. She vanished fulfilling her anchor in this life.

After this the next day Moore called them all together to meet with someone. They meet with Elsa Matthews. She stated that she had a very special opportunity for them with payment. She wanted them to investigate other such phenomenon like this and help to fix and set things straight. She had set up a base of operations in Erie, PA as well as their first case. They were to report there within the week and there would be further instructions.

A World of Darkness

Through many different scenarios and situations you find yourself at Pennsylvania State University. You are there to attend the lecture on Anatomy’s Ghost. It is a lecture about the interested history of where our study of Anatomy started. You may be there as a personal interest. You could be there working. Or you could have simply found yourself attending this event pretty fuzzy on why you are there.

Whatever your reason the lecture is happening very soon. There seems to be a very interesting group attending this lecture. You can see many people from complete opposite styles of life. However that is not the strangest thing. The room you are in, the main theater stage, is very odd. The temperature is much colder than it should be during the fall years. It seems like you have to squint your eyes to see the stage from the lack of light. And you could swear you’ve heard a little girl laugh very quietly somewhere on the empty stage.

Must be just your imagination though. Looks like the lecture is starting….


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