Vigil of the Cursed

File 8: Wolves, Spirits, and Fire Oh My

Fuckn' Kids

After a month the group was offered some jobs from outside sources. They still had not recieved anything from PD so this seemed like the best idea for now. The changelings had a classic haunting job for them. Lucas’ werewolf pack had a job for them hunting some Pure down. Lastly Mark Tieg had an investigation job if they needed it. The group decided to help out the werewolves. They found that there was a Pure pack causing some trouble in the northern part of Pennsylvania. The newest member of the group, Darren, visited his Shadow contact to get better bearing on the situation. He was able to find out about all the Pure packs operating in PA. He traded this information for some more help from the werewolves.

They went up to the area they had last been heard from. A Forsaken werewolf up there gave them his best guess for where they could be. They found a park that would be the perfect hunting ground for a pack of werewolves. After renting the park to keep any pesky kids, I mean people, from being around they set up their trap. The put the van in the middle of the parking lot and attached cameras to it as well as to the top of Rest’s head. Barret found a nice cozy place on top of a outhouse in the park. Near night they had a run in with what they thought could be a scout. As they were about to give up Tala gave out a cry of challenge. Right before all electronic items when out Helsing saw seven werewolves on their way.

They came out of the darkness and the fight commenced in mere seconds. A smoke gernade on top of the van made things interesting for all parties around that area. Barret was sniping off people one at a time clearing up lanes for others. Helsing was putting her shotgun to very good use. The Psychic and Edward were using fire to their advantage. Rest took on a werewolf the same size as him. Tala grabbed the gunslinger of the group and kept him busy. Malachi fly all over using his sword to great effect. Darren was able to finally use his hidden pistol. At the end after the smoke cleared they round up all the bodies. They found that the Psychic was bleeding out in his wheelchair. They were able to stabilize him and get him to the hospital. However before that they found that the cause for their technology not working. There was a spirit inside the van radiating anti technology vibes. They were able to appease it and in the process gained a pack territory.

After this they talked to Lucas’ pack and were given quite a useful addition to their building. It would be a long time before they accepted another case because the Psychic would be in intensive care for a least two months.


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