Vigil of the Cursed

File 9: Wait..What?!

How long was I out?

After some more time PD came to the group with a case. They had a person named Liliana approach them with some new information. Elsa wanted the Erie group to check it out because it pertained to their city. They met with her a the local Caribou Coffee the next day. When they met her everyone knew that she was some kind of supernatural. However it was nothing any of them had run into before. For those who can see into the Twilight they saw that there was a spirit attached to her but not possessing. Trying to ask about this she gave very cryptic and non-specific answers.

They then went down to business. She stated that she had been working for someone very powerful when she discovered sinister intentions. She knew the man to be Ryu but not exactly what he was planning. She then left his employment and from that moment on she had been followed by one of his followers. It was a little girl and her name was Sabrina. She was about the age of 13 and was a powerful psychic. While they were talking she pointed out that she was watching. Everyone saw her outside. They all heard a voice saying “Time to play” and a truck went by in front of her. When the truck passed she was gone.

In the very next moment they found themselves sitting in chairs wearing black jumpsuits. They had handcuffs on that were solid circles around their wrists. They had runes on them and no chains yet they couldn’t pull their hands away from each other. It was the same on their legs. In the room was everyone in the same condition and Elsa with a very frustrated and confused look on her face. She was saying something about you better tell me what happened or you will never see the light of day again. Everyone began to explain they don’t remember and they were just in the cafe. It took a while of convincing before Elsa had a bit of belief in their story.

They were brought to separate cells. That night the doors clicked open and their cuffs fell off. There were arrows on the floor pointing in a direction. Following this they found their supplies in boxes only they could open. After getting their supplies they began to follow the arrows again. The guards heard them and as they were about to catch them a portal appeared they jumped through it. They found themselves in central park and began their way back to Erie. Once there they got into their building and began to look into their case. Apparently they had been charged with treason and exposing PD members to potential retribution. They found four locations that they talked about in their case. However it said that they refused to comment in specifics.

The first place they visited was the church. There they discovered that they had purchased a lot of Holy Water. Next they visited the Caribou Coffee again. After talking to one of the employees they found that they had talked to Mark Tieg there about a leak in his company who might be involved in insider training. Next they visited the Wal-Mart the case mentioned. There they found they bought a lot of guns and supplies for what would seem like a huge battle. The last place they visited was the docks. There they all had a memory of fighting zombies, a big fire, and Sabrina in the background.

They tracked down the person in Tieg’s office as well as Sabrina’s last whereabouts. At the house they looked around and finally found a stairwell to the cellar. When they got down there they found many bodies that had been tested on. Also a journal was there with notes. The man was a mage and had been testing out zombification. Sabrina would bring her foster family to him and kill them. He then would turn them into zombies and use them for whatever they needed. The last thing they did was look into his stuff and able to find that he was headed to an airport with Sabrina.


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