Vigil of the Cursed

File 7: PD Case 76856

Plasma Weapons!

After a week the group decided to take on the case sent from PD because another person had been killed investigating this. They were given the case information. They discovered the area in which this murders occurred. It was a small plot outside of town away from prying eyes and where a murder could be done without anyone knowing. Looking into the history of that area turned up nothing. There had not been any strange occurrences there in the past no normal events for that matter. Seemed completely ordinary which didn’t spell well for them.

They arrived on the scene to find that PD had kept it clean for their teams to investigate. The blood had been cleaned up but they had results and the only blood found at the scene had been of the two victims. Looking around they were able to find two clues that could help the out. The first was a book of matches from a pub called Putin more Liquor. The other were gun shells that had the name of the place they were bought on the bottom. It was the local Fleet Farm. Looking into the spirit world revealed a death spirit there. Talking to it they found that it had not seen the first murder but the second one. It said there were a lot of humans shooting the magic one. Lastly looking at the signs of death they were able to find that the first murder had been hundreds of cuts on the body with very little reaction time while the second had been massive gun shot wounds from numerous parties.

That night they decided to head to Putin more Liquor and check that out first. When they arrived they immediately knew something was off. After some observation and investigating they found that this was a vampire pub. A man calling himself Putin came up and asked them what they were doing here. The group talked about the dead vampire and the book of matches. Putin seemed to not care. He said that PD had back stabbed them and deserved whatever came to them. Tate did not take this two well, along with other dog references, and nearly started a fight. If it hadn’t been for Helsing and them realizing she was a thrall there would have been blood, a lot of spilled blood.

The next day they checked out Fleet Farm. There they were able to get a receipt for the purchase of the shells. It was cash of course. Looking through the store cameras they attained a description as well as some license plates. They found the address in a neighborhood in the suburbs of Erie. They took a visit to this place. Upon entering they have the feeling they had just entered a gated neighborhood without the gate. They got stares and glances from everyone. They found the house and Rest and Helsing knocked on the door. A man answered and they began to explain why they were there. The psychic began to probe the man’s mind. He found that he was the killer. He relayed this information to Rest. Rest said something to this and the man drew a pistol on Rest. The Psychic dropped the clip from the gun. He fired and jumped back into his house.

A all out fight in the streets broke out. Clay mores went off and there were people with guns everywhere. The fight was intense and happening on all sides of them. While the group was fighting for their life Helsing made a call to TFV for some backup. As they continued on near the end a group of armored cars pulled in with strange guns mounted on them. A helicopter dropped in with a similar gun and it fired at the house. For the best description it was a plasma weapon from those sci-fi movies. The TFV agents rounded up everyone including the PD group. Elsa showed up in about an hour and the group left. Later at the PD office they received a talking to from Elsa and information about solving the case as well as this new group called the Night’s Watch. Funnily enough they would not last the next month in Erie.


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