Vigil of the Cursed

File 6: King of Winter


After the three years of preparation of training and expansion the Erie office was going full swing back into the investigation. They had been approached by the Winter Court of changelings in the city as well as the Seneschal of the vampires. Along with that PD had an open file about a corporate person being killed near Erie. The group choose to go with the Winter court this time and see what they had to offer. They were approached by the Herald of the Winter King and asked to meet him in court that night.

They showed up to the address that was given and went inside. They felt they had moved back in time, or Walter felt as though he were at home, because everything looked like Victorian England. Around the room were many people who were looking at them intently. There were people who were definitely guards with white and black uniforms. The King’s banner was displayed everywhere, a white snowflake on a field of black. They were then ushered to an area that was clearly a court/throne section. There in the middle was a man sitting on a ornate chair with what looked like ice coming from his head in a crown. It looked as though his entire physical appearance was draped in snow and ice but it was a natural part of him. The herald announced them, along with titles they had given, and then the King with all his titles.

They then went straight into business. Beforehand Edward and John had told them to be very careful of making and promises here as they would be binding. He told them that he had a delicate matter for them to settle. There had been several disappearances of changelings at this middle school. They were pretty sure it was the work of privateers. They had tried to find them but they lacked the necessary resources due to being targeted by a certain hunter group at the moment. The King asked that they dispose of these privateers by killing them because nothing else would do. In the end the group agreed in their own words as to how they would deal with the matter.

They visited the school the next day. They talked to administration and staff to get a better feel of what was going on. Also they set up a camera in the area that this had been reported to be happening. Lastly they learned that this school was actually a changeling safe haven. There were mortals there but the staff was mainly changeling as a way to keep their children safe and secure. It seemed as though their plan was not working out entirely. Through the janitor they learned that there were two men who usually showed up the same day every week. So they set a trap for them and waited for the day to come.

On that day everyone was in place. As Tate and Joscelin were walking the two were spotted. They headed to the spot and upon seeing them Joscelin opened fire on them. There was a very brief quick fight that ensued. The smaller of the two went down very easily. The second one was a bit harder. An arrow, some punches, sniper fire, and a shotgun finally brought him down. They saw then that the bigger one had been an ogre and the smaller was a beast. They packed up the bodies and the hunter got them out of any trouble with the law.

They found a very interesting map on the privateers that was of the hedge. It showed two locations to enter the hedge but no way into Arcadia. They brought the bodies and the map to the King. He was very pleased with their success. When he saw the map, they noticed a momentary glimmer of fear in his eyes, and then he was composed again. for bringing the map he said that he would owe them a favor and he would write up the stipulations for this favor. Lastly he told them that someone calling himself “The Way” had approached them asking for help and they had refused because of the evil in his heart. With that they headed back to the office contemplating these strange turn of events.


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