Vigil of the Cursed

File 13: Here's Johnny!

Our Friend and Ally

With Mensa dead the group proceeded back to the Erie Office. There they found a group of supernaturals waiting for them. They were able to take care of them with relative ease. However it was dis-concerning that Ryu was becoming more aggressive and open in his actions. They feared that it could errupt into all out war that wouldn’t be able to be hid from the moral world. Only time would tell.

Director Stroud visited them again. The open Spirit portals throughout the country are allowing Ryu’s forces to move pretty much anywhere with little or no warning to PD offices. They have lost a couple offices but continue to open up new places in a effort to slow Ryu down. He still would say nothing or very little on the whereabouts and actions of Elsa at this point. He continued to insist that he was acting head of PD right now and that was the way things were going to be. He gave them their next mission. They were to explore these open spirit portals to see if there was a pattern or anything discernible way in order to shut them or stop them.

With that they headed out to the portal that was closet to Erie. It was impossible to see if you were a mortal. However a mortal could walk right into it and find themselves in a completely new world. There didn’t seem to be a way to shut it from the the portal itself. Nothing they did seemed to have any affect on it. Tala tried many rituals and nothing happened while Tim used some spells with the same effect. They decided that they next best thing was to go inside and see what they could find out. Upon entering the first thing they noticed was there were no spirits around. They were suspiciously absent and quiet. There was however pathways forged in the ground that were not natural and new. They followed the path and eventually came to a center of where many sprang from. There was a little hut that reminded them of something from a witches movie or something. A man stepped out dressed in a long robe that hide his face and invited them in.

After checking for any sort of trap or ambush they reluctantly entered the hut. Asking the man his name he would not give them a straight answer. He said that he had information about Ryu that could help them out. They began to listen to his tale. He spoke of Ryu and how he had been Elsa’s master. He had trained her and was looking into the origins and foundations of magic. He became obsessed and began to do many things considered outlawed by the mages. He was then kicked from his order. He has spent this time learning about Atlantis. He plans to bring back Atlantis to give power back to the Mages and bring about a new order to the world. When they group asked the man how he knew so much he said it’s simple, I’m Ryu. At that moment Tim pledged his loyalty to help bring Atlantis back and threw an invisibility spell and the rest of them were transported back into the mortal world. Getting back to the office Tim was nowhere to be found and they called Stroud to tell him the news they had just learned.


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