Vigil of the Cursed

Arc 2: Can you Show me The Way?

Patriarch Discoveries War Plans

Elsa called a meeting of all members and branches of Patriarch Discoveries. There she informed everyone of the activities of the Erie branch. She also officially told everyone that she is a Mage. Several people in the crowd whispered “called it” at this. Lastly she told them of the future of PD at this point. She admitted that Ryu was her former master and looking to take her down and everyone around her. It was time for PD to fight back. They were expanding as fast as possible and looking for clues. They needed to find Ryu and end this. This essentially full out war. Branch managers would have much more authority and independence from her. Also they were establishing a Corporate office in New York. Any further questions could be directed to her or Tyler about the future of the company. With that the meeting ended shortly after and everyone traveled back to their offices with the new plan and ready to go. What would this new turn of events bring to PD and the world around them?


WhiteTiger484 WhiteTiger484

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