Vigil of the Cursed

File 14: Back to Basics
Angels in the House

After the disturbing news of learning Ryu’s plan and meeting him for the first time the group called in Stroud. They discussed with him what they had learned and found out. He was very distressed and you could see the wheels turning in his head. However his response was not what they had expected. He said that while this may indeed be the case he can’t go on the word of one branch about something that may or may not have been actually real. He needed them to take on something simple while he had others investigate this threat and the credibility of it. He had a call from a local person with a house that could be haunted. They were to check it out and establish the validity and if there was indeed a haunting to take care of the entity.

They agreed, with not much of a choice. Stroud also had added a member to their group. His name was Serel and he was a Nephalim. The angels had agreed that a half angel would check in on the group to discern whether a partnership could at this point could be considered. Stroud warned them that they needed this to work. After the last little stunt with Heaven they couldn’t afford to sever any connections, especially considering what they claimed Ryu was up to. They would need the forces of Heaven on their side in order to make a stand against Ryu and what seemed to be a never ending army.

They made their way to the house. There they discussed with the family currently living there. They gave reports of what sounded like a poltergeist. The group asked that they leave for the night while they checked it out. The family went to stay at a Motel and the group set up shop to check out the house. It didn’t take long to discover there was indeed something at work here. Just as they were about to get going the father of the family came back to the house. While he spoke they could definitely tell he was being possessed. They soon discovered it was not just a spirit but a demon that wsa possessing him. The Nephalim went into a frenzy and began to attack the possessd man. He brought fire down from the sky igniting the house on fire and the Demon simply stopped them all and offered a piece of advice. They should gather their forces quick and look for more allies. Ryu was moving and planning something big. He then left the man and reveled he was more than a demon. He was one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Sloth. He then left the house and the man was very confused. They were able to put the fire out and returned to Erie. Stroud would not even answer their calls.

File 13: Here's Johnny!
Our Friend and Ally

With Mensa dead the group proceeded back to the Erie Office. There they found a group of supernaturals waiting for them. They were able to take care of them with relative ease. However it was dis-concerning that Ryu was becoming more aggressive and open in his actions. They feared that it could errupt into all out war that wouldn’t be able to be hid from the moral world. Only time would tell.

Director Stroud visited them again. The open Spirit portals throughout the country are allowing Ryu’s forces to move pretty much anywhere with little or no warning to PD offices. They have lost a couple offices but continue to open up new places in a effort to slow Ryu down. He still would say nothing or very little on the whereabouts and actions of Elsa at this point. He continued to insist that he was acting head of PD right now and that was the way things were going to be. He gave them their next mission. They were to explore these open spirit portals to see if there was a pattern or anything discernible way in order to shut them or stop them.

With that they headed out to the portal that was closet to Erie. It was impossible to see if you were a mortal. However a mortal could walk right into it and find themselves in a completely new world. There didn’t seem to be a way to shut it from the the portal itself. Nothing they did seemed to have any affect on it. Tala tried many rituals and nothing happened while Tim used some spells with the same effect. They decided that they next best thing was to go inside and see what they could find out. Upon entering the first thing they noticed was there were no spirits around. They were suspiciously absent and quiet. There was however pathways forged in the ground that were not natural and new. They followed the path and eventually came to a center of where many sprang from. There was a little hut that reminded them of something from a witches movie or something. A man stepped out dressed in a long robe that hide his face and invited them in.

After checking for any sort of trap or ambush they reluctantly entered the hut. Asking the man his name he would not give them a straight answer. He said that he had information about Ryu that could help them out. They began to listen to his tale. He spoke of Ryu and how he had been Elsa’s master. He had trained her and was looking into the origins and foundations of magic. He became obsessed and began to do many things considered outlawed by the mages. He was then kicked from his order. He has spent this time learning about Atlantis. He plans to bring back Atlantis to give power back to the Mages and bring about a new order to the world. When they group asked the man how he knew so much he said it’s simple, I’m Ryu. At that moment Tim pledged his loyalty to help bring Atlantis back and threw an invisibility spell and the rest of them were transported back into the mortal world. Getting back to the office Tim was nowhere to be found and they called Stroud to tell him the news they had just learned.

File 12: A Beautiful Mind
No one is that smart....

The PD office was once again visited by a member from New York. This time it was not Elsa however. The man called himself Director Xavier Stroud. When they asked about Elsa he said she was on assignment and would not comment any further. He then began to explain the next Lieutenant that they would be going after. He calls himself Mensa. His real name has been lost. He used to be a Hunter for the Aegis Kai Doru. He went insane and turned into a slasher and took some artifacts with him. He is working with Ryu now and killing supernaturals all over the West Coast area. Stroud has set up operations in Missoula, Montana where they would work with the FBI, while doing their own investigation in private.

The group arrived in Missoula and set up operations in the space provided. During the night they went to the house that Mensa was suspected to have murdered someone. There they began their investigation. Searching through the rooms they found that the one murdered there was actually a werewolf. Along with the one werewolf a whole pack was murdered and one body was planted at this house. They also found that the house had been reconstructed in some fashion but no idea why. They also found a safe that was actually a fetish. It worked a a normal safe except that only supernaturals can see what is inside it. Inside they found a business card. When they called that number they reached another werewolf who was willing to meet.

After they had finished they met with the werewolf. He turned out to be “Stands Tall” who was a worker in a werewolf network. He had information about the numerous sites that Mensa had visited. They had all been sites of spirit fault lines. Each one had not responded in several months. He was going to send out werewolves to check it out. He gave them the spot of another fault line that had been the pack that had just been murdered hunting ground. They went out there the next night to check it out. They found very little there but a group of humans had other ideas. Without warning they attacked them and a battle insued. The group brought one back and were able to get information out of him. They learned that Mensa was doing something with the spirit fault lines and they had been at the last one. At that moment Tala and Darren felt a huge disturbence in the spiritual world and energies. The man simply laughed at them as Catherine shot him dead.

File 11: Devil May Care
Why would you do that?!

Some time after Sabrina was killed Elsa visited the Erie PD office. She gave words of congratulations for eliminating Sabrina as well as her zombie forces. The PD military force was able to clean up the rest of her forces. However she did mention that Sabrina was the lowest and least powerful of Ryu’s Lieutenants. Elsa did give the group a stern rebuke for the handling of Amitiel as well as the unfortunate deaths of the TFV Hunter and half angel, son of Amitiel. The emissary that PD was working through with Heaven has left and no more communication has happened. Elsa has another mission for the group. The Vampires have reestablished communication and have a case file for PD.

They went to the designated building and were lead in by vampires to meet the vampire Prince of the city. Once they were downstairs there they saw the Prince, Archduke George Beckett, who is also the mayor of Erie. Next to him stood a man dressed in Catholic bishop clothing. They learned that his name is Bishop Isaiah Hash, and the leader of the Lancea Sanctum in Erie. The Archduke informed them that there is a group of vampires working in Erie leaving quite a trail of bodies. Many vampires have died investigating and members of the Lancea Sanctum have been literally burned from the inside out. He offers them quite a reward in return for investigating this murders.

The group made their way to the warehouse that had the last known presence of the vampires. After investigating the surrounding they found the best way in and moved past the guards during a shift. They walked in to find 5 ghouls armed with guns. After dispatching them they moved down the hall a bit. They came to what was the largest part of the warehouse and there found one vampire and three ghouls. Through fire and massive gunfire and weapons they brought them down. At that point the rest of the vampires and ghouls in the warehouse burst in. Through some amazing charisma Darren was able to convince them to stand down and drop their weapons. At that point Bishop Hash called in his forces and they began to interrogate one of the vampires.

After some intense interrogation he began to spill the beans. He admitted that they were summoning demons into captured humans. After they had done that they were caged in a devil’s trap. They would then drain him of blood and store it. With the possession the blood was different. It turned into demon blood. At that point Bishop Hash ordered Tim to immolate him, which Tim did gladly. They killed the rest and brought the information back to Archduke George Beckett. He rewarded them appropriately and asked that Bishop Hash and another Inquisitor accompany them as they learn more about Ryu.

File 10: Sabrina the Teenage Bitch
Holy Flaming Zombies Batman

They began their chase of Sabrina and her mage friend. They were able to cancel all the flights they could possibly be on with the help of Elsa. There they gave them no ground to go to. They began to flee from them. They took a boat down the river. The group pursued them and found a small port warehouse on the way down. They were able to gain entrance and discovered it was owned by Ryu. They were storing weapons and other tools for him here. They engaged the workers there, who were all Ryu’s men. They were able to defeat them but not before the entire warehouse was engulfed in flames and the lose of Edward Firebrand to the flames.

They continued on down the river and came to the next place Sabrina could be or at least stopped. From a distance it looked like an old fort from the civil war or revolutionary war period. There were large spotlights scanning the area and forms could be seen. They were able to sneak in through the gutter system. Upon closer inspection they forms seemed to be covered in shadows. They burst up from the floor ready for a fight to find that the forms were nothing more than illusions meant to stall them for time. They quickly regrouped and continued on down the river to the next possible destination Sabrina could be.

They came to a church on the near the coast. They disembarked from their boat and approached the building. There was something unsettling about this area and they continued cautiously. As they came to the entrance of the church parts of the ground opened up and machine guns were leveled at them. In the blink of an eye a white flash happened and they heard the sounds of metal being cut through by metal. As the light went away there was a figure standing there. She held a glaive taller than herself and her eyes burned white. On her back sprung 6 large white wings. She looked at them and saw Malachi.

“Hello Son,” she said looking at him. Everything was in awe. She introduced herself as Amitiel and she was Malachi’s mother. She had been sent by order of heaven to intervene at this time and help them defeat this abomination. She said that there was a very large number of guards waiting for them just inside and that they should go through the back way while she kept the front area busy. They agreed and headed around back to sneak in. As they came through the basement area Joscelin began to get a very terrible headache. They came up to the sanctuary to find Sabrina there.

After her invitation to “play” with her they began to attack her. Very soon in forms emerged from between the pews. She was not alone. She had mainly zombies with her. Frank lit a fire to use his powers and the whole area burst into flames including the zombies which just seemed to make them more enraged. He was able to bring the fire under control but soon lost his powers due to Sabrina sapping his will. She created many illusions of herself and they were all shielded by magic. While Gregory would deteriorate the protection spells everyone would focus on her and try to deal as much damage as possible. When they had it down to one they were able to dispel both spells and eventually kill her.

Of course this was not in time for her to give Tate voices in his head telling him everyone had betrayed him. He went into death rage and the first person he saw was Malachi. He lunged through him and came out with a wing in each hand and blood everywhere. At that moment Amitiel came through the doors to see her son ripped apart. She was on Tate in an instant and had slashed him three times before anyone could blink. She seemed to calm down and put him in a cage of light and brought her emotions down. In this time Josceln had been unconscious and no one had noticed and unfortunately she bled to death. Amitiel simply said,

“Leave,” to which they agreed right away. They came out to find Elsa there finishing off the last of some reinforcements that were coming. They then heard her mage name of Antionella. She told them to go back to the Erie office and just stay there. During the time of waiting Ryu’s forces were heavily attacked including what TFV believes to be a celestial attack on some of his forces. There is word of another of Ryu’s lieutenants running around right now. The Wolf is all he is known by. Also a string of gruesome murders have been happening all around Erie and seeming to lead right to the city.

File 9: Wait..What?!
How long was I out?

After some more time PD came to the group with a case. They had a person named Liliana approach them with some new information. Elsa wanted the Erie group to check it out because it pertained to their city. They met with her a the local Caribou Coffee the next day. When they met her everyone knew that she was some kind of supernatural. However it was nothing any of them had run into before. For those who can see into the Twilight they saw that there was a spirit attached to her but not possessing. Trying to ask about this she gave very cryptic and non-specific answers.

They then went down to business. She stated that she had been working for someone very powerful when she discovered sinister intentions. She knew the man to be Ryu but not exactly what he was planning. She then left his employment and from that moment on she had been followed by one of his followers. It was a little girl and her name was Sabrina. She was about the age of 13 and was a powerful psychic. While they were talking she pointed out that she was watching. Everyone saw her outside. They all heard a voice saying “Time to play” and a truck went by in front of her. When the truck passed she was gone.

In the very next moment they found themselves sitting in chairs wearing black jumpsuits. They had handcuffs on that were solid circles around their wrists. They had runes on them and no chains yet they couldn’t pull their hands away from each other. It was the same on their legs. In the room was everyone in the same condition and Elsa with a very frustrated and confused look on her face. She was saying something about you better tell me what happened or you will never see the light of day again. Everyone began to explain they don’t remember and they were just in the cafe. It took a while of convincing before Elsa had a bit of belief in their story.

They were brought to separate cells. That night the doors clicked open and their cuffs fell off. There were arrows on the floor pointing in a direction. Following this they found their supplies in boxes only they could open. After getting their supplies they began to follow the arrows again. The guards heard them and as they were about to catch them a portal appeared they jumped through it. They found themselves in central park and began their way back to Erie. Once there they got into their building and began to look into their case. Apparently they had been charged with treason and exposing PD members to potential retribution. They found four locations that they talked about in their case. However it said that they refused to comment in specifics.

The first place they visited was the church. There they discovered that they had purchased a lot of Holy Water. Next they visited the Caribou Coffee again. After talking to one of the employees they found that they had talked to Mark Tieg there about a leak in his company who might be involved in insider training. Next they visited the Wal-Mart the case mentioned. There they found they bought a lot of guns and supplies for what would seem like a huge battle. The last place they visited was the docks. There they all had a memory of fighting zombies, a big fire, and Sabrina in the background.

They tracked down the person in Tieg’s office as well as Sabrina’s last whereabouts. At the house they looked around and finally found a stairwell to the cellar. When they got down there they found many bodies that had been tested on. Also a journal was there with notes. The man was a mage and had been testing out zombification. Sabrina would bring her foster family to him and kill them. He then would turn them into zombies and use them for whatever they needed. The last thing they did was look into his stuff and able to find that he was headed to an airport with Sabrina.

File 8: Wolves, Spirits, and Fire Oh My
Fuckn' Kids

After a month the group was offered some jobs from outside sources. They still had not recieved anything from PD so this seemed like the best idea for now. The changelings had a classic haunting job for them. Lucas’ werewolf pack had a job for them hunting some Pure down. Lastly Mark Tieg had an investigation job if they needed it. The group decided to help out the werewolves. They found that there was a Pure pack causing some trouble in the northern part of Pennsylvania. The newest member of the group, Darren, visited his Shadow contact to get better bearing on the situation. He was able to find out about all the Pure packs operating in PA. He traded this information for some more help from the werewolves.

They went up to the area they had last been heard from. A Forsaken werewolf up there gave them his best guess for where they could be. They found a park that would be the perfect hunting ground for a pack of werewolves. After renting the park to keep any pesky kids, I mean people, from being around they set up their trap. The put the van in the middle of the parking lot and attached cameras to it as well as to the top of Rest’s head. Barret found a nice cozy place on top of a outhouse in the park. Near night they had a run in with what they thought could be a scout. As they were about to give up Tala gave out a cry of challenge. Right before all electronic items when out Helsing saw seven werewolves on their way.

They came out of the darkness and the fight commenced in mere seconds. A smoke gernade on top of the van made things interesting for all parties around that area. Barret was sniping off people one at a time clearing up lanes for others. Helsing was putting her shotgun to very good use. The Psychic and Edward were using fire to their advantage. Rest took on a werewolf the same size as him. Tala grabbed the gunslinger of the group and kept him busy. Malachi fly all over using his sword to great effect. Darren was able to finally use his hidden pistol. At the end after the smoke cleared they round up all the bodies. They found that the Psychic was bleeding out in his wheelchair. They were able to stabilize him and get him to the hospital. However before that they found that the cause for their technology not working. There was a spirit inside the van radiating anti technology vibes. They were able to appease it and in the process gained a pack territory.

After this they talked to Lucas’ pack and were given quite a useful addition to their building. It would be a long time before they accepted another case because the Psychic would be in intensive care for a least two months.

File 7: PD Case 76856
Plasma Weapons!

After a week the group decided to take on the case sent from PD because another person had been killed investigating this. They were given the case information. They discovered the area in which this murders occurred. It was a small plot outside of town away from prying eyes and where a murder could be done without anyone knowing. Looking into the history of that area turned up nothing. There had not been any strange occurrences there in the past no normal events for that matter. Seemed completely ordinary which didn’t spell well for them.

They arrived on the scene to find that PD had kept it clean for their teams to investigate. The blood had been cleaned up but they had results and the only blood found at the scene had been of the two victims. Looking around they were able to find two clues that could help the out. The first was a book of matches from a pub called Putin more Liquor. The other were gun shells that had the name of the place they were bought on the bottom. It was the local Fleet Farm. Looking into the spirit world revealed a death spirit there. Talking to it they found that it had not seen the first murder but the second one. It said there were a lot of humans shooting the magic one. Lastly looking at the signs of death they were able to find that the first murder had been hundreds of cuts on the body with very little reaction time while the second had been massive gun shot wounds from numerous parties.

That night they decided to head to Putin more Liquor and check that out first. When they arrived they immediately knew something was off. After some observation and investigating they found that this was a vampire pub. A man calling himself Putin came up and asked them what they were doing here. The group talked about the dead vampire and the book of matches. Putin seemed to not care. He said that PD had back stabbed them and deserved whatever came to them. Tate did not take this two well, along with other dog references, and nearly started a fight. If it hadn’t been for Helsing and them realizing she was a thrall there would have been blood, a lot of spilled blood.

The next day they checked out Fleet Farm. There they were able to get a receipt for the purchase of the shells. It was cash of course. Looking through the store cameras they attained a description as well as some license plates. They found the address in a neighborhood in the suburbs of Erie. They took a visit to this place. Upon entering they have the feeling they had just entered a gated neighborhood without the gate. They got stares and glances from everyone. They found the house and Rest and Helsing knocked on the door. A man answered and they began to explain why they were there. The psychic began to probe the man’s mind. He found that he was the killer. He relayed this information to Rest. Rest said something to this and the man drew a pistol on Rest. The Psychic dropped the clip from the gun. He fired and jumped back into his house.

A all out fight in the streets broke out. Clay mores went off and there were people with guns everywhere. The fight was intense and happening on all sides of them. While the group was fighting for their life Helsing made a call to TFV for some backup. As they continued on near the end a group of armored cars pulled in with strange guns mounted on them. A helicopter dropped in with a similar gun and it fired at the house. For the best description it was a plasma weapon from those sci-fi movies. The TFV agents rounded up everyone including the PD group. Elsa showed up in about an hour and the group left. Later at the PD office they received a talking to from Elsa and information about solving the case as well as this new group called the Night’s Watch. Funnily enough they would not last the next month in Erie.

File 6: King of Winter

After the three years of preparation of training and expansion the Erie office was going full swing back into the investigation. They had been approached by the Winter Court of changelings in the city as well as the Seneschal of the vampires. Along with that PD had an open file about a corporate person being killed near Erie. The group choose to go with the Winter court this time and see what they had to offer. They were approached by the Herald of the Winter King and asked to meet him in court that night.

They showed up to the address that was given and went inside. They felt they had moved back in time, or Walter felt as though he were at home, because everything looked like Victorian England. Around the room were many people who were looking at them intently. There were people who were definitely guards with white and black uniforms. The King’s banner was displayed everywhere, a white snowflake on a field of black. They were then ushered to an area that was clearly a court/throne section. There in the middle was a man sitting on a ornate chair with what looked like ice coming from his head in a crown. It looked as though his entire physical appearance was draped in snow and ice but it was a natural part of him. The herald announced them, along with titles they had given, and then the King with all his titles.

They then went straight into business. Beforehand Edward and John had told them to be very careful of making and promises here as they would be binding. He told them that he had a delicate matter for them to settle. There had been several disappearances of changelings at this middle school. They were pretty sure it was the work of privateers. They had tried to find them but they lacked the necessary resources due to being targeted by a certain hunter group at the moment. The King asked that they dispose of these privateers by killing them because nothing else would do. In the end the group agreed in their own words as to how they would deal with the matter.

They visited the school the next day. They talked to administration and staff to get a better feel of what was going on. Also they set up a camera in the area that this had been reported to be happening. Lastly they learned that this school was actually a changeling safe haven. There were mortals there but the staff was mainly changeling as a way to keep their children safe and secure. It seemed as though their plan was not working out entirely. Through the janitor they learned that there were two men who usually showed up the same day every week. So they set a trap for them and waited for the day to come.

On that day everyone was in place. As Tate and Joscelin were walking the two were spotted. They headed to the spot and upon seeing them Joscelin opened fire on them. There was a very brief quick fight that ensued. The smaller of the two went down very easily. The second one was a bit harder. An arrow, some punches, sniper fire, and a shotgun finally brought him down. They saw then that the bigger one had been an ogre and the smaller was a beast. They packed up the bodies and the hunter got them out of any trouble with the law.

They found a very interesting map on the privateers that was of the hedge. It showed two locations to enter the hedge but no way into Arcadia. They brought the bodies and the map to the King. He was very pleased with their success. When he saw the map, they noticed a momentary glimmer of fear in his eyes, and then he was composed again. for bringing the map he said that he would owe them a favor and he would write up the stipulations for this favor. Lastly he told them that someone calling himself “The Way” had approached them asking for help and they had refused because of the evil in his heart. With that they headed back to the office contemplating these strange turn of events.

Arc 2: Can you Show me The Way?
Patriarch Discoveries War Plans

Elsa called a meeting of all members and branches of Patriarch Discoveries. There she informed everyone of the activities of the Erie branch. She also officially told everyone that she is a Mage. Several people in the crowd whispered “called it” at this. Lastly she told them of the future of PD at this point. She admitted that Ryu was her former master and looking to take her down and everyone around her. It was time for PD to fight back. They were expanding as fast as possible and looking for clues. They needed to find Ryu and end this. This essentially full out war. Branch managers would have much more authority and independence from her. Also they were establishing a Corporate office in New York. Any further questions could be directed to her or Tyler about the future of the company. With that the meeting ended shortly after and everyone traveled back to their offices with the new plan and ready to go. What would this new turn of events bring to PD and the world around them?


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